Agonia Facts

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    Golden Dragon Awards [2019]:

  • Tribal Awards:





  • Special Awards:


  • Faction Awards:



  • Event Awards:

  • Event of the Year:
  • 1. Lokust swarms
  • 2. War against the Fire People
  • 3. Cassowary Egg Hunt

  • Raid of the Year:
  • 1. The large Forsaken raid on the fellowship dragon army in the north
  • 2. The Fellowship raid where loot was brought from Mythunga to The Eye by a relay of runners (Balin, Cliff, Evander, Askytos, Drceles)
  • 3. The first and only raid of Forsaken on New Heaven Island a few weeks after the landing (Razortooth, Mutuwa)

  • Darwin Awards:
  • 1. Atrocitus running loot from a raid, exploring one fight because he was near full turns, and dying to an Aerotitan
  • 2. Giantdad dying to BOB naked and losing the first T4 weapon ever created
  • 3. Fellowship attacking a dragon with 12 people in tier-1 weapons

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